A Space For Women To Train Without Gymtimidation

Train and Nourish (T&N) is a fitness and nutrition company designed for women started in 2017 by Jenna Fisher. When Jenna started her own fitness journey she realized how many of her friends, family and colleagues were intimidated by working out on their own in a gym setting. At the time she was building online workouts and training women (and men) in her apartment building gym getting to know her clients and what their needs were. Quickly she realized not only by her own experience but her clients online who wanted to “skip” an exercise (because it was too intimidating and they wanted help in person) that there was a need for a space just for women to weight train.
The first location at East Passyunk opened in March 2019. The company has since opened a second location in the Art Museum area and a third in Fishtown.
The space was created to help women achieve their goals and workout in a familiar and comfortable setting. We know it can be intimidating to walk into a big gym and just use a cookie cutter workout you found on the internet. ALL of our trainers (who are specialized and comfortable knowing how to workout on their own) still feel this fear of picking up a weight or being “in the way” at another gym.
At T&N we offer a boutique space where women build community, lift each other up and feel comfortable to exercise together. We are not a transformation studio and do not believe in the scale. Ladies, we know our weight can fluctuate! Let’s instead tone up and build muscle! That means we do a lot, a LOT of strength training. Don’t picture cardio workouts and sweating your buns off. Yeah, you’ll sweat. But you’ll never leave the studio thinking “wow that killed me I’m never going back”. It will become your home, your safe space, your stress relief! Some of our clients even call it therapy!
Our trainers teach women the tough stuff – squats, deadlifts, bench pressing – you know, the stuff we avoid at a big gym!
We want you to feel safe, comfortable and get strong at the same time! Read about our personal training packages and offers here.
T&N also offers nutrition coaching for those that want to take their fitness journey to the next level. We have four coaches on staff who are trained and certified in nutrition counseling not only for fitness and health but specifically for women. Even if you want just a few tips about how to organize your pantry or fridge better or how to grocery shop for the week, our ladies can help!
So if you are looking for a 1:1 training experience, a group class setting or a nutrition coaching session we have it all for you!

The Team

Our team consists of a full staff of certified female personal trainers and nutrition coaches. All of our coaches have experience working with women individually and in a group setting. We are all about building relationships with our clients – that is why our team are experts in customer relationships and building long term goals with clients. Our ladies are fun, outgoing and ready to gossip with you!
Learn more about each individual coach here.

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