Cardio Before Or After Weight Training?


“Should I do cardio before or after I weight train?”

Quick answer: if you’re looking to burn fat, after.

I know most do not have access to a treadmill or bike at home but luckily we can go and hit the pavement outside for some cardio! Whether it’s a run, a brisk walk or some jumping jacks/HIIT work – outdoor or indoor cardio is an option.

To get to that maximum fat burning level your body needs to use your stored fat as fuel to keep you going during exercise. But first you must burn off your glycogen stores which can be achieved by doing strength or weight training first. SO if you have extra energy at the end of your workout doing some additional cardio will burn more fat 🔥

Take a day or two this week to try out some post lifting cardio sessions, around 5-10 mins! Add more as you have the energy. Today I’m starting with upper body then a light 10 min jog outside.

My online workout plans always have a post lifting “cardio finisher” .. whether it’s to jog outside, use the equipment you have at home or a small body weight HIIT circuit. The goal is to elevate that heart rate so we burn more at the end! DM me for info on my online training

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