Muscle Versus Fat

Have you ever been in a situation where the scale isn’t moving and therefore you’re feeling defeated because you’re not making progress? You’re not alone. In fact, most women feel that the scale is the end all be all of weight loss. Take our client, Tina for example. Before lifting weights she was 145lbs. After 6 months of a strict weight training program her weight stayed the same but her body composition was completely different, HOW?! Muscle versus fat!

How is that possible?!
🔹 Muscle is more dense than fat.
🔹 One pound of muscle and one pound of fat is the same weight however ..
🔹 Fat takes up more room physically in your body. That is why scales are useless.

Why is stronger better?
🔹 Each pound of muscle on your body burns 50 calories at rest
🔹 Adding muscle prevents injuries and improves posture
🔹 Strong is sexy 💪🏻

For Tina, lets compare the before and after. Before regular exercise and healthy nutrition was a part of her life. She was never considered overweight but had no muscle, a lot of unwanted fat and some very unhealthy eating habits. She ate things she didn’t know would negatively affect her overall health, mood or energy levels like fast food, alcohol every day, pizza and BIG portions – none of this was beneficial. She would go to the gym for 20 mins, do the elliptical and some crunches maybe 2-3 times a week and thought all of this was enough .. but still was sluggish and nothing changed.

She did not become fit or build muscle overnight. It took patience, time and a belief in herself that she could make a change. Consistent weight training with some cardio, added protein and less junk and alcohol in her diet helped make this change. She often got discouraged if the scale wasn’t moving and would give up. It wasn’t until her clothes started fitting differently and she could physically see muscle definition that she knew her body was changing.
It took her a while to get over weighing herself. The roller coaster of being up or down 5 pounds on the scale really sent her down an emotional and highly stressful path. From no motivation and no muscle tone, to obsessive and VERY VERY low body fat to now free of the scale, strong as ever and loving her body for what it is!
If you want change and to lose fat and build muscle …
🔹Include more strength training and regular exercise
🔹Add more protein in your diet
🔹Improve your eating habits
🔹Stay consistent
Put on some muscle girl 💪🏻 and ditch that damn scale!

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