T&N Fitness Studio is a place for women to learn how to strength train without “gymtimidation” and how to properly nourish their bodies by ignoring “crash diets” and “carb cutting”.

We know it can be intimidating to walk into a big gym and not know where equipment is, who to talk to, where to go or what exercises to do. That’s why we created a small, boutique feel space where you can be comfortable.

We teach women how to lift weights and appreciate what their body can do in a comfortable setting.

Our staff consists of certified female personal trainers and nutrition coaches to help you with your health and wellness journey.

We are not a transformation studio. We believe all women should feel empowered to strength train and build muscle in a social environment. There are no cookie cutter programs and our services are fit for all levels.

We are all about community! T&N has three locations: East Passyunk Ave. (South Philadelphia),  Art Museum/Fairmount, and Fishtown/Northern Liberties.

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