Success Stories

Real women, real stories

Two inspiring success stories captured through pictures, showcasing a determined woman performing squats with determination at a gym.

Maria R.

Name: Maria Rodriguez

When did you start at T&N?: June 2022

What’s your service?: Personal Training and Group Classes

What was your exercise history before T&N?: “I have always been someone who went to the gym being an athlete in my younger years. I was getting over an ankle injury and needed the extra motivation to get me started again.”

Share your story: “I stumbled upon T&N back in May after the Fishtown location opening. It looked like something I should try. I scheduled a 1-1 consultation with Carly and loved her energy and the space. I signed up for PT with her twice a week and have been seeing her ever since. I also supplement group classes when I have time as well.

Since joining T&N, I can definitely feel my clothes fitting differently and I overall feel more confident. I see Carly early mornings (6am crew) so it’s helping me establish a better routine in my work and personal life. I’m not so much focused on the scale as I am about getting my body moving for my overall health. It’s been a great feeling working through an exercise and telling Carly we can go up in weight :).”

Two pictures showcasing the success of a woman's workout journey.

Stephanie C.

Name: Stephanie Cross

When did you start at T&N?: June 2021

What’s your service?: Personal Training and Group Classes

What was your exercise history before T&N?: “I played sports in high school and early college but since I was 20, never had any regular exercise routine and hadn’t even been in a gym or similar space.”

Share your story: “I have been on a personal health journey since the beginning of 2020, and since that time, I have lost about 150 pounds and became the healthiest, strongest and most badass version of my adult self. I started at T&N in late Spring of 2021, ready to try some kind of regular physical activity besides walking (and I still prioritize those steps!). I had always been interested in strength training and weights, but I never had anyone teach me what to do. The idea of going into a gym was intimidating. I started to look into women only spaces and personal trainers. I needed understanding, patience, and education and I found it.

I am so happy with what strength training has done for my physical and emotional self. It is not about a pants size, a number on the scale, or family or societal approval. It’s about feeling strong, investing in yourself, meeting goals you never would have thought to think of a few years ago. I just got back from a hiking trip to Sedona, and climbed Cathedral Rock, and not everyone in the group made it up. A few years ago, I would have been left at the base wishing I could have seen the view from the top. I’m now able to get to the top and see that view for myself. I chose to invest in and prioritize myself and T&N has (and continues to) help me level up.”

Two pictures showcasing the success story of a woman lifting weights in a fitness studio.

Theanna P.

Name: Theanna Proithis

When did you start at T&N?: June 2022

What’s your service?: Personal Training

What was your exercise history before T&N?: “Light exercise”

Share your story: “In January of 2022 I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease, an immune system disorder that affects your thyroid. As part of my road to recovery, it was critical that I started putting my health first. Prior training with Cat, I was not familiar or comfortable with any aspect of weight training. Over the past year I have completed over 50 sessions and have increased my workload by 43%. I’ve noticed a huge change in my body, Cat has created a program which has allowed me to grow and consistently hit my goals.

Two success stories of a woman in a gym with a barbell.

Jen T.

Name: Jen Torre

When did you start at T&N?: May 2022

What’s your service?: Personal Training

What was your exercise history before T&N?: “I HATED exercise and rarely did it.”

Share your story: “I started coming to T&N Fishtown in May 2022 after years of being sedentary and also recovering from a shoulder injury. There were very few exercises I enjoyed, and doing next to no physical activity for 2 years during quarantine definitely wasn’t helping anything. I had no confidence in my body-sometimes I wouldn’t even want to go out because I hated how I look.
After training with Carly since May, my confidence has improved so much. I wear outfits I never would’ve worn before (bodysuits? heck yes!) and I’m measuring my success in terms of what my body can do, NOT what it weighs. I can’t believe that a year ago, I could barely move my shoulder, and now I get excited to do back squats and deadlifts. Just this past week, I did 125lb. hip thrusts….I didn’t even know what those were at this time last year. I couldn’t have done all of this without T&N and without Carly serving as a fitness expert and my biggest cheerleader. Thank you!”

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