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Sam G.

Name: Sam Griffith

When did you start at T&N?: March 2022

What’s your service?: Personal Training (1:1 and semi-private with my friend, Michelle!)

What was your exercise history before T&N?: “I worked with other trainers in the past, but none as consistently as I do now. Charley cares about my health and wellness. She’s built my muscles, endurance and my confidence.”

Share your story: “Before seeing Charley, I struggled with a variety of basic tasks due to an autoimmune disease (climbing stairs, sitting on lower surfaces, walking on the beach, frequent trips and falls). Ever since I started coming in (I do personal training three times a week), I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my every day life. In addition, I can tackle tasks I couldn’t even fathom one year ago.

Last winter, I sat in the lodge when my fiance and friends went snowboarding – I thought those days were behind me and I wasn’t strong enough to get on the slopes. This year, I completed two runs already with my friends, and am looking forward to the bunny hill in Breckenridge.”

Maria R.

Name: Maria Rodriguez

When did you start at T&N?: June 2022

What’s your service?: Personal Training and Group Classes

What was your exercise history before T&N?: “I have always been someone who went to the gym being an athlete in my younger years. I was getting over an ankle injury and needed the extra motivation to get me started again.”

Share your story: “I stumbled upon T&N back in May after the Fishtown location opening. It looked like something I should try. I scheduled a 1-1 consultation with Carly and loved her energy and the space. I signed up for PT with her twice a week and have been seeing her ever since. I also supplement group classes when I have time as well.

Since joining T&N, I can definitely feel my clothes fitting differently and I overall feel more confident. I see Carly early mornings (6am crew) so it’s helping me establish a better routine in my work and personal life. I’m not so much focused on the scale as I am about getting my body moving for my overall health. It’s been a great feeling working through an exercise and telling Carly we can go up in weight :).”

Stephanie C.

Name: Stephanie Cross

When did you start at T&N?: June 2021

What’s your service?: Personal Training and Group Classes

What was your exercise history before T&N?: “I played sports in high school and early college but since I was 20, never had any regular exercise routine and hadn’t even been in a gym or similar space.”

Share your story: “I have been on a personal health journey since the beginning of 2020, and since that time, I have lost about 150 pounds and became the healthiest, strongest and most badass version of my adult self. I started at T&N in late Spring of 2021, ready to try some kind of regular physical activity besides walking (and I still prioritize those steps!). I had always been interested in strength training and weights, but I never had anyone teach me what to do. The idea of going into a gym was intimidating. I started to look into women only spaces and personal trainers. I needed understanding, patience, and education and I found it.

I am so happy with what strength training has done for my physical and emotional self. It is not about a pants size, a number on the scale, or family or societal approval. It’s about feeling strong, investing in yourself, meeting goals you never would have thought to think of a few years ago. I just got back from a hiking trip to Sedona, and climbed Cathedral Rock, and not everyone in the group made it up. A few years ago, I would have been left at the base wishing I could have seen the view from the top. I’m now able to get to the top and see that view for myself. I chose to invest in and prioritize myself and T&N has (and continues to) help me level up.”

Theanna P.

Name: Theanna Proithis

When did you start at T&N?: June 2022

What’s your service?: Personal Training

What was your exercise history before T&N?: “Light exercise”

Share your story: “In January of 2022 I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease, an immune system disorder that affects your thyroid. As part of my road to recovery, it was critical that I started putting my health first. Prior training with Cat, I was not familiar or comfortable with any aspect of weight training. Over the past year I have completed over 50 sessions and have increased my workload by 43%. I’ve noticed a huge change in my body, Cat has created a program which has allowed me to grow and consistently hit my goals.

Jen T.

Name: Jen Torre

When did you start at T&N?: May 2022

What’s your service?: Personal Training

What was your exercise history before T&N?: “I HATED exercise and rarely did it.”

Share your story: “I started coming to T&N Fishtown in May 2022 after years of being sedentary and also recovering from a shoulder injury. There were very few exercises I enjoyed, and doing next to no physical activity for 2 years during quarantine definitely wasn’t helping anything. I had no confidence in my body-sometimes I wouldn’t even want to go out because I hated how I look.
After training with Carly since May, my confidence has improved so much. I wear outfits I never would’ve worn before (bodysuits? heck yes!) and I’m measuring my success in terms of what my body can do, NOT what it weighs. I can’t believe that a year ago, I could barely move my shoulder, and now I get excited to do back squats and deadlifts. Just this past week, I did 125lb. hip thrusts….I didn’t even know what those were at this time last year. I couldn’t have done all of this without T&N and without Carly serving as a fitness expert and my biggest cheerleader. Thank you!”

Laura K.

Name: Laura Kavanaugh

When did you start at T&N?: February 2022

What’s your service?: Personal Training and Group Classes

What was your exercise history before T&N?: “Very athletic growing up (basketball), skiing, gym/classes but with little knowledge on proper form.”

Share your story: “In April of 2020 I re-injured my back (herniated disc pressing on a nerve) causing me extreme pain for 4 months until I finally had back surgery in the fall of 2020. I rehabbed by going to PT but it was really mental for me and I was stuck not actually working out or progressing and still in discomfort through 2021. I was doing a little but was constantly afraid of re-injuring myself or stepping into a gym. January of 2022 I was advised to seek out a personal trainer who is certified in corrective exercise which is how I found T&N and Charley! We started working consistently together in February 2022 and it has literally changed my life. My biggest goal was to ski again, which I hadn’t done since February 2020 before my injury. I skied for the first time after we started working together in March of 2022! Since then I’ve gotten complete control of my life back- I went from not being able to bend over or walk long distances to lifting, skiing, dancing, standing at concerts and more. I feel actually strong and confident in my body. It’s been amazing working with someone who understands the mental struggle from an injury and can still push you safely. The biggest thing I’ve gotten from T&N is confidence in myself and in my body again. I’m beyond grateful for Charley and I can’t wait to keep hitting goals!”

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