Success stories

Real women, real success stories

Getting vacation-ready

“My goal was to tone and lose some extra weight prior to an upcoming vacation and in just seven weeks the transformation was impressive. Jenna is super dedicated and knowledgeable when it comes to fitness and nutrition and there is really not anyone I could possibly trust more.”
– Lauren W.

Bouncing back after babies

“Trying to get back into exercising and eating right can be challenging. I was juggling two toddlers, a baby, a house, and work. Jenna was able to make me a schedule I could do at home for the first seven weeks then we were able to make a schedule I could do at the gym.”
– Brittany B.

Mixing up workouts

“This program focused on weightlifting and HIIT and targeted my problem areas – arms and stomach. The diversity of the program has made me stronger, more toned and has kept me interested.”
– Jen E

Regaining motivation

“I have found my love for fitness again thanks to Jenna! She was always checking in with me to see how I was doing (physically and mentally!) so it never felt like I was working out alone. She also gave me the push to get me through a rough patch where I struggled with low energy and motivation.”
– Brianna G.

Seeing real results

“Jenna’s program helped me incorporate weights into my workout since I didn’t really know how to get started and the app demonstrates the moves for each exercise. I have been recommending Train and Nourish to my friends because it’s the first time that I am really seeing results. I feel more toned and overall, much healthier.”
– Ali L.

Working around a busy schedule

“Nursing school beats up my body from lack of sleep, stress eating, and always on the go. Jenna was able to work with my crazy schedule and not having a gym membership. Thanks for jump starting my fitness again!”
– Liz K

Prepping for wedding day

“With Jenna’s encouragement, I was able to push myself and see results very early on. I am proud of my results in just 7 weeks & eager to begin my next session in preparation for my wedding just a few months away!”
– Kelly S

Awesome experience

“It has been an awesome experience! I can honestly say this is the first time I have actually seen results from working out.”
– Trini P